Our Acura auto detailing department offers an auto cleaning and washing service of the highest quality at competitive prices. A complete range of professional treatments is available in any season in order to keep your Acura vehicle looking like new and ensure the highest resale value for years.

The care provided to your vehicle is performed by qualified and competent staff using only high-end products known for their efficiency.

Communicate with our team of specialists today at to make an appointment. Contact us also by filling in our online form outside opening hours.

Our auto detailing services stand out thanks to the excellence of our treatments:

  • Permanent or annual rustproofing treatment, fully organic and biodegradable
  • Paints and leathers Protection
  • Restoring metallic paints
  • Windshield repair
  • And much more

Detailing menu


  • Underbody cleaning

    $29.95 *

  • Interior / Exterior Cleaning

    $39.95 *

  • Exterior cleaning, decontamination and paint protection sealer

    $99.95 *


  • Trunk shampoo


  • Engine shampoo


  • Carpet shampoo (with package)


  • Carpet shampoo and interior / exterior cleaning

    $89.95 *

  • Complete interior shampoo

    $159.95 *

  • Carpet shampoo extraction, underbody wash, Aquapel windshield treatment and paint sealant

    $199.95 *


  • Annual anti rust (does not sink) and outdoor wash


  • Windshield treatment (improves visibility and allows quick evacuation of snow, ice, dirt and insects)


  • Protective sealant paint decontamination, interior / exterior Cleaning, Aquapel windshield treatment

    $129.95 *

  • Protective sealant, annual rust inhibitor (does not sink), paint decontamination, Aquapel windshield treatment and interior and underbody wash

    $199.95 *


  • Leather treatment (with package)

    $49.95 *

  • Fabric sealer (with package)

    $49.95 *

  • Reconditioning headlights


  • Paint reconditioning and interior / exterior cleaning

    $359.95 *

5-star Refurbishment

  • Complete interior shampoo, trunk shampoo, engine shampoo, 4-step polishing with professional polish, Aquapel windshield treatment, paint sealer, underbody wash, interior wing treatment, fabric or leather protection, tail lights polishing, polishing hood deflector

    $699.95 *

* Rates may vary by model.