Financing a new car or a used vehicle should never disturb your peace of mind. At Acura Trois-Rivières, we fully understand that. This is why we provide an Acura professional and trustworthy financing service.

At Acura Trois-Rivières, we suggest an auto financing service as sophisticated and modern as your Acura Vehicle. Communicate today with our car credit specialist at to know current interest rates or make an appointment at the dealership.

We also invite you to fill in the fully confidential credit application form if you want to accelerate the approbation process. Our expert will tact you within 30 minutes during our opening hours in order to complete your file.

Attention to detail that makes all the difference

  • We are fully attentive to your needs and your situation.
  • We have a solid experience in 1st and 2nd chance auto credit.
  • We are able to offer you attractive and highly competitive interest rates thanks to our high sales volume.
  • We only offer premium automotive financial products.
  • We offer the best auto loan insurance products, making your buying experience as enjoyable as the compensation.
  • We trade with the largest Canadian banking institutions such as Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank, Desjardins and much more.