Esthetic and car wash appointment in Trois-Rivières, in Mauricie 

Our Acura detailing department offers you the highest quality automotive washing and cleaning services at competitive prices. A full range of professional treatments are available to you in all seasons to keep your Acura looking new and protecting its resale value for years to come.


The care of your vehicle is carried out by qualified and competent staff using only high-end products recognized for their efficiency. Our aesthetic services stand out for the excellence of our treatments such as permanent or annual fully biological and biodegradable rustproofing, paint and leather protection, metallic paint restoration, windshield repair, and much more!

Detailing Menu
Cleaning Prices

‌Interior / exterior cleaning

Exterior cleaning, decontamination and protective paint sealant

‌$ 84.95 *

$ 109.95 *


‌Engine shampoo

Complete interior shampoo

Shampooing of carpets by extraction wash under bodywork, treatment of Aquapel windshield and sealer for paint protection

‌ $ 49.95

$ 159.95 *

$ 199.95 *


‌Annual rustproofing (does not leak) and exterior washing

Windshield treatment (improves visibility and allows rapid evacuation of snow, ice, dirt and insects)

Protective sealant paint decontamination, interior / exterior cleaning, Aquapel windshield treatment

Protective sealant, annual anti-rust (does not leak), paint decontamination, Aquapel windshield treatment and interior cleaning and underbody washing

$ 99.95

‌ $ 29.95

$ 139.95 *

$ 219.95 *


‌Reconditioning of the front headlights

Paint reconditioning and interior / exterior cleaning

‌ $ 79.95

$ 399.95 *

5 star refurbishment
‌Complete interior shampoo rear trunk shampoo, engine shampoo, 4-step polishing professional waxing, Aquapel windshield treatment paint sealant, underbody wash, interior treatment of the fenders, fabric protection or leather polishing of the rear lenses polishing of the hood deflectors $ 699.95 * ‌
* Prices may vary depending on the model.

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